Pipe and Joint Products

The pipe and joint system is fully customisable and can be quickly designed and assembled.

Choose from a range of steel pipes, interlocking joints and accessories to create your structures including work benches, trolleys and racks.

Tube Pipes


A variety of wall thicknesses, different colours and different types of pipe are available. You can choose from:

Plastic coated pipe:
This is surface treated then an adhesive is applied to fix the virgin ABS plastic coating. An efficient corrosion inhibitor is applied to the inside of the pipe. Different colours and wall thicknesses are available.

Stainless steel pipe:
For clean rooms, where aesthetics are important or where aggressive chemicals which could affect plastic coatings.

Powder coated pipe:
The most economical solution provides a chemical and scratch resistant surface. It can be supplied in different colours and wall thicknesses. An efficient rust inhibitor is used on the inside.

Pipe Joints


The strong, secure metal joints are available in black or nickel plated. They are precision finished to ensure best fit and to allow repeated use.

The black joints have a scratch and damage resistant powder coating, the nickel plated joints are carefully surface treated and then copper plated to improve adhesion of the final nickel plating.

Roller Tracks

Roller Tracks, Roller Track Guides and Mounting Brackets

High quality roller track with a specially formed, galvanised steel frame is made to resist twisting. A wide range of tracks is available including track with flanged rollers, large, heavy duty tracks and track with small rollers for vibration sensitive applications.

Plastic and metal guides in standard and ESD execution are easy to fit to the rack either as a sleeve over the track or by screwing on. Mounting brackets simply clip to the pipe. Ball transfer units can be built in to allow multidirectional transport of parts or boxes.

Casters and Feet

Wheels, Castors, Feet, Caps and Bushings

The range is comprehensive including bushings for all pipes, screw assembly or plate assembly wheels in various sizes, with and without brakes, ESD or normal execution feet of various dimensions and types, plastic and steel caps.


Metal and Plastic Accessories

Create trolleys, work stations, shelves and racks using metal and plastic parts including clamps, clips, labels and tooling.

L, T and U plastic profiles are available in different dimensions and thicknesses. Generally these are supplied in 4m lengths. They are fixed to the pipes using plastic clips or with metal joints. Used for supporting shelves, as guides, supports or frames for films, plastic profiles are available also in ESD execution.

Stock Rack

Stock rack

The stock rack can help you keep track of any stock you hold and help you manage your materials.

Pipes, joints and accessories can be easily stored, tracked and managed using a bespoke stock rack.