The pipe and joint system is a simple product with endless possibilities.

Fully customisable, the system can be quickly designed and assembled. For handling and storage equipment it offers a simple, space saving solution.
Steel pipes are available with either colour-coded plastic coating, powder coating or in stainless steel. They are cut to length and connected using a selection of steel interlocking joints and accessories.
The system is versatile and economical, all pipes and joints are reusable so constructions can easily be reconfigured or products recycled.

The pipe and joint system provides individual solutions for:
  • Dynamic flow racks
  • Assembly lines
  • Cell feed systems
  • FIFO picking systems
  • Shelving and racking
  • Carts, trucks and trolleys
  • Assembly and packing benches
  • Kitting systems for parts
  • Notice boards, sign holders, safety signs
  • Conveyors

Most joints only require a 5mm Allen Key for assembly.
A wide range of accessories including castors, adaptors, roller tracks, label holders, end caps, adjustable feet, hinges and towing hitches enable your application to be customised: an ideal system to apply to operations where Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) and Lean Manufacturing concepts are applied.