Flexible Plastic Chain Conveyors

Carryline: Moving things your way

The versatile Carryline system offers a solution for lightweight (up to 20kg) products, moving them horizontally or vertically. It is easy to adapt, low maintenance and space efficient.
The conveyor can be built to meet your specific requirements. The standard conveyor system is available in six chain widths and in aluminium or stainless steel.
Carryline has more than 50 years’ experience manufacturing conveyors in-house providing consistently high quality products with short lead times. The conveyors are trusted worldwide and used in a huge range of industries including food, packaging, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.
Carryline is quality and environment certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively.

Aluminium Conveyors

Aluminium conveyors

Carryline's aluminium conveyors offer a versatile and low maintenance solution to materials handling.
The aluminium systems are built around base components that can be easily assembled, no welding is required. The chains run in extruded aluminium profiles that are anodized to ensure good corrosion resistance and longer life. The chains do not need to be lubricated.
The conveyors are available in a range of widths from 24mm to 220mm for small, lightweight goods or for larger, heavier goods with maximum loads depending on line design.
This system is an excellent choice for environments where there are clean room requirements.
Available in 24mm, 38mm, 62mm, 83mm, 140mm, 220mm

Stainless Steel Conveyors

Stainless steel conveyors

Carryline's stainless steel converyors are used around the world in dairy and food production facilities where cleanliness requirements are stringent and the equipment used for materials handling is subject to daily caustic wash down.
To allow dirt and water to run off, the conveyor beam has a drainage channel. The systems are welded together at the joins. To retain the ability to rebuild without welding, they can also be assembled using a stainless steel connecting strip. All the screws, nuts, shafts and pins in the chain are stainless steel.
These systems are also incredibly versatile and low maintenance.
Available in 62mm, 83mm, 140mm, 220mm

Spiral Conveyor

Spiral conveyors

The compact Carryline spiral conveyors allows the movement of products, up or down, in the smallest possible footprint.
Available in aluminium or stainless steel, the spiral is built entirely to the customer's specific requirements including input and output height, chain type, width of chain and guide rail.
Controls integration is easier as only one drive is usually required.
Available in 83mm, 140mm, 220mm
Maximum weight: 15kg/m depending on design.

Chain Types

Chain types

Different types of high quality plastic chain are available depending on requirements. These include smooth, friction and finger chains.