Applied Automation Industrial Systems

Applied Industrial Systems is a leading specialist in flexible solutions that help drive factory efficiency. Using our range of high quality products, we provide robust frameworks, structures and systems for machine build, lean manufacturing and materials handling projects. The products are available as separate components or our skilled and experienced team offers a complete design, processing and assembly service. Applied Industrial Systems is a division of Applied Automation (UK) Ltd, founded in 1986.

MayTec Profiles

The precise and robust aluminium profile system is load bearing, functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering a solution for simple and complex designs. Highly versatile, it can be used in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications including work stations, clean room systems and guards.

The Pipe & Joint System

Versatile and reusable, this pipe and joint system offers a cost effective solution using tubes for applications such as trolleys, FIFO racks and shelving.


Flat belt and flexible plastic chain conveyors provide materials handling solutions for almost any type of product transfer.